Hurstville CCTV Drainage Inspection

How Does the CCTV Drainage Camera Work?

At Better Flow Plumbing, our CCTV Drainage Inspection in Hurstville uses advanced technology to diagnose and evaluate drainage system conditions accurately. The CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras are specially designed waterproof devices that we insert into the drainage system.

These high-resolution cameras travel through the pipes and transmit real-time video feedback to our technicians, allowing us to visually inspect the entire drainage network from the inside, identifying blockages, damages, and any irregularities without disruptive excavation work.

Common Issues Detected by CCTV Drainage Inspections

A CCTV drainage inspection is essential for identifying various common and complex issues within drainage systems. Some of the frequent problems detected by these inspections include:

Root Intrusion

Tree roots seeking moisture can invade pipe joints and cracks, leading to blockages or damage.

Pipe Corrosion

Over time, pipes can corrode or degrade, which can cause collapses or blockages in the drainage system.

Misaligned Pipes

Ground movement or poor installation can result in misaligned pipes, which disrupt the flow and can lead to water pooling and further damage.


Accumulations of grease, sand, dirt, and other debris can cause significant blockages that are sometimes not resolved by simple plunging or rodding.

Leaks and Cracks

CCTV cameras can detect small leaks and cracks that might otherwise go unnoticed but can cause significant problems over time.

Identifying these issues early through a CCTV inspection can save homeowners and businesses considerable time, money, and inconvenience.

What Are the Advantages of Completing a CCTV Drainage Inspection?

Early Problem Detection

CCTV drainage inspections can detect early signs of damage such as cracks, intrusions, and blockages, preventing minor issues from escalating into major problems.

Non-Invasive Method

Unlike traditional methods that often require digging up property, CCTV inspections are non-invasive, preserving your landscape and structure during the diagnostic process.

Accurate Diagnostics

This technology provides precise and clear visuals of the condition of underground pipes, helping to pinpoint the exact location and nature of the issue.

Comprehensive Assessment

The detailed visuals and recordings provided by a CCTV drainage inspection offer a thorough assessment of the pipe’s condition, aiding in compliance with regulatory standards and helping maintain environmental responsibility.

FAQs our Bardwell Park customers typically ask:

Implementing a CCTV drainage inspection in Bardwell Park can lead to significant savings in both time and money for property owners. This method eliminates the guesswork and unnecessary excavation associated with traditional plumbing diagnostics by providing a real-time look inside pipes. This targeted approach allows for quick identification of issues and facilitates faster repairs.

Moreover, by catching potential problems early, CCTV inspections in Bardwell Park help avoid costly emergencies and extensive repairs down the line, ultimately extending the lifespan of your drainage systems.

Choosing Better Flow Plumbing for your Bardwell Park CCTV Drainage Inspection means opting for a team that values precision, integrity, and customer satisfaction. Here are a few reasons why we stand out:

  • Expert Technicians: Our team is highly trained and skilled in modern diagnostic techniques, including expert handling of CCTV technology.
  • Comprehensive Service: We provide detailed reports of our findings and recommendations for any necessary repairs or maintenance.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: We prioritise your convenience and safety, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily activities and providing clear communication throughout the process.
  • Commitment to Quality: We use only the best equipment and techniques to ensure high-quality and reliable results.
A CCTV drainage inspection involves inserting a high-tech camera into your drainage system. This camera provides real-time video feedback, allowing our technicians to assess your pipes’ condition without excavation accurately.
The duration of a CCTV inspection can vary depending on the size and complexity of the drainage system. Most residential inspections are completed within an hour or two, while larger commercial systems may take longer.
We recommend having a CCTV inspection at least once every two years for residential properties to ensure their drainage system remains in good health. For commercial properties or if they have experienced previous issues, annual inspections may be necessary.
Minimal preparation is needed. We may ask you to clear the area around access points and ensure all pipes are accessible. Our team will handle everything else, including setup and navigation of the equipment.

Absolutely! We provide our clients with a copy of the video footage, which our technician will review with you to explain the condition of your pipes and any recommendations for maintenance or repair.

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